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We provide high quality products to meet the demanding needs of our customers. Choose the product to meet your needs and then contact us for a competitive quote.

Copiers & Printers

Add-Type sells and leases a full line up of NEW or OFF LEASE, Monochrome and Colour, Digital Copiers manufactured by RICOH Corporation. If your company needs a straight copier or you want the added functionality of Print, Fax and Scan then a Ricoh Aficio Digital is what you want to consider.

If you like the concept Digital Copier Technology and want the full function of a digital, however the price tag for a new machine is too high. Then the price advantage of looking at a machine coming off lease is well worth your consideration. Not only does your organization get the full function of a Digital Copier, you will also realize a tremendous savings on price. As well all of our off lease machines are completely over hauled when received and are covered by our customer performance guarantee.

If laser printing is what you need. Add-Type carries printers from Ricoh, Konica-Minolta and Xerox that provide full Colour and Monochrome output. All of our printers are selected because of their rugged reliability and low operating costs. Call us for a quote today.

Please review the product information attached to see the wide selection of models available.

Fax Machines

The fax machine is still a much needed tool for any office whenever it is necessary to pass hard copy from one office to another. Add-Type sells the full line of industry leading fax machines from Ricoh. Not only do these machines provide your organization with full fax to fax communications at incredible speeds , they can know provide Fax to Email communications. So if saving communications costs and cutting out the hardcopy waste is important then a Ricoh Fax is well worth consideration.

Please review the product information attached to see the wide selection of models available.

Time Clock Systems

The single largest expense to any organization is its investment in its employees and their productive time. With out a handle on how to accurately track and monitor that time, companies can waste thousands if not millions of dollars to lost production and time.

Add-Type can help gain control of tracking that most important resource and expense with time and attendance solutions from three of the key players in the business of tracking time. Add-Type is a proud dealer for time systems from Amano Cincinnati, Lathem Time Systems and Acroprint Time For Business.

To learn more about the technology available for taking control of your companies Time and Attendance needs give us a call. We can pretty well guarantee a return on investment in less than a year.

Point of Sale Systems

The most important investment for any retailer in any kind of retail business is the purchase of a good cash management tool. These can range from basic Cash Registers to full blown Point of Sale Solutions. If you are a retailer or restaurant owner and are in need of a cash management tool, then look no further than Add-Type. Add-Type is a dealer for Samsung and PC Poll Systems. We market a complete line of Cash Registers and Point of Sale systems and devices to fit almost any retail or hospitality environment at very competitive prices.


In today’s high security world, the last thing any organization wants to worry about is information about their business falling into the wrong hands. Consider shredders that can destroy any type of media, whether it be paper, disc, CD, etc. A good shredder is key to your organizations information security needs.

Add-Type Sells and Services a wide range of shredders from Intimus and Kobra. If you need a reliable machine that sits beside your desk or a conveyor feed monster, give us a call.


If your company needs any other type of business product Add-Type can help. Call us, we will do all we can to help you find what you need at an affordable price.


Like a car won’t run without gas, office equipment will not run with out supplies.
Like a car runs better with quality gas, office equipment will run better with quality supplies.

Add-Type stocks and supplies OEM and quality aftermarket Toner, Drums, Times Cards, Paper, Ribbons, and Parts for most makes and models of business machine. If you need anything give us a call, our wide range of knowledge and 30 years of experience can help you find what you a looking for.


Unlike most Big Box stores, Add-Type has built its business on service and support of our customers. We service everything that we sell and the term “Depot Service” is not in our vocabulary. Within the Greater Waterloo Region we service ON-SITE, ON TIME, EVERY TIME.

If you have a machine that is sick and needs some TLC, then give us a call.