Off-lease printers – a Sound Alternative

As a Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge region service-oriented organization, Add-Type strives to help businesses become more productive by providing high-quality products and systems which are backed by their unwavering commitment to excellent service and supplies. Add-Type helps you and your business become the best it can be; they provide name brand business equipment, services, supplies and solutions which will make your firm more effective and efficient. They strive to understand your needs so they can offer “common sense office automation solutions”.

With more than 30 years of providing superior products and services, they consistently offer excellent value and high-quality products to meet the demanding office equipment requirements of their customers.

To ensure that all their customers have an opportunity to be the best that they can be, Add-Type offers previously-owned printers to budget-minded customers.

Add-Type has a wide variety of different customers – each with unique requirements. Some may desire the latest and greatest technology available to assist them on their path to improved productivity; others may not have the financial resources, yet still have a need to participate and be perceived as a viable and effective business entity.

Practically every week, Add-Type receives gently-used printers coming in from clients at the end of their lease term – all manner of printers, from sophisticated colour reproduction systems to compact POS-style units suitable for a restaurant environment. Each machine is professionally and systematically overhauled, refurbished and covered by Add-Types own customer performance guarantee with a 90-day warranty and the option of an available full-service contract, too – all at a savings of 25 per cent or more. Should you require a specific model and it’s one which Add-Type sells and services, they can even source a model for your business through their extensive dealer network in Eastern Canada.

To learn more about the technology available for taking control of your company’s time and attendance requirements, consider calling (519) 885-2570. Add-Type at 298 Marsland Drive in Waterloo; they can pretty well guarantee a return on your initial investment in less than a year.

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