Tracking Time is Good Business

There are those uninformed individuals who have the mistaken belief that any organization which uses any form of time clock system for hourly-paid employees is constantly checking up on them and looking over their shoulders to gauge what they are up to.

Conspiracy theories aside, time clocks have been used in the workplace for generations, helping companies keep track of how much hourly employees should be paid. Not all companies use time clocks, however. Small companies, especially those with consistent, easy-to-track schedules, may not need them.

Regardless, the single largest expense to any organization is its investment in its employees – and their productive time. Without the ability to accurately track and monitor that time, companies can waste thousands if not millions of dollars to lost production and time.

And that’s where a professional, solutions-oriented company such as Add-Type can assist management or ownership help gain control of tracking that most important resource and expense with time and attendance. Add-Type is a proud dealer of time systems from Amano Cincinnati, Lathem Time Systems and Acroprint Time for Business.

To be clear, there are six instant and also long-term benefits to any organization and its employees when a time clock system of some description is in place:

Time clocks allow precise tracking of hours;
Clearly define when an employee is and is not working;
Make payroll processing easier;
Can enforce company policy;
Can simplify life for employees;
Can simplify multi-location record-keeping.

There are many different types of systems available; from simple punch cards to more sophisticated biometric-type scanners.

If you are interested in exploring your “time options”, an expert from Add-Type can meet with you, prepare a thorough need analysis and provide one or two suitable solutions to help you and your firm move toward improved and hopefully profitable productivity.

To learn more about the technology available for taking control of your company’s time and attendance requirements, consider calling (519) 885-2570. Add-Type at 298 Marsland Drive in Waterloo; they can pretty well guarantee a return on your initial investment in less than a year.

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