What Are POS Machines?

Add-Type Business in Waterloo, Ontario knows time is money, and money is time, that’s why they carry only the best in POS systems.

What’s a POS system? You see them every day and everywhere. From gas stations to hair salons, grocery stores to restaurants. It’s a Point of Sale system, a cash-management tool vital to every retail and hospitality business. And Add-Type features the best in the industry.

Everyone nowadays is always in a hurry. With a POS system serviced by Add-Type Business, you can increase sales and productivity! By adding a new more efficient POS system with scanning capabilities, you’re not only pleasing the customer with quick service, but it’s increased revenue for your company. Scan, bag, complete! It’s a win-win system for you and the customer!

We market a complete line of cash registers and point of sale systems and devices to fit almost any retail or hospitality settings. Add-Type is proud to carry Samsung and PC Poll systems at competitive pricing, and as always, we service what we sell.

Looking for a POS Printer? We carry Epson, Ithaca, Star and Zebra. Designed for high volume, these printers are reliable and easy to use. Gone are the days of waiting for your receipt, these POS printers are designed for high volume. Speedy, reliable and of course, they look great!

Plus, save space on your counter with POS Scanners from Metrologic. Fully automatic scans are easy to use and are conveniently light for your employee to pick up and scan a bulk item anywhere near their work station.

Want to increase productivity? Want to increase sales? Then trust Add-Type for a POS system that will help you achieve all that and more.

For more information on cash management machines perfect for your retail and hospitality needs, visit Add-Type Business at http://www.addtype.ca/.

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